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Long Covid Treatment That Works

Two years into the pandemic we've certainly learned a lot about treating Covid-19 and its variants, however now we find ourselves left with many people who are challenged by long-term, continuing issues after a COVID illness. At Vit&Drip Center we have seen an increasing number of patients, especially females, exhibiting long Covid symptoms. A new study at the University of Michigan found that among Covid-19 survivors, the rate of long Covid was 49% among women and 37% among men.

While there’s still more research needed, Covid similarities to autoimmune conditions might be the reason why some people are more susceptible to its persistence of symptoms. Research has shown that women generally have a stronger immune response than men, which may be what makes them more vulnerable to prolonged autoimmune-related symptoms after contracting a virus like Covid-19.

With expertise in treating autoimmune conditions such as Hashimoto’s disease, at Vit&Drip Center our doctors have a unique approach to treating patients suffering from post-Covid symptoms and have developed a protocol to treat it. We try to find the underlying cause of each patients’ symptoms and determine if the person was more susceptible to the virus due to an unhealthy gut or imbalanced immune system.

That whole-person approach has been key in helping our patients, especially women, with long covid recovery from symptoms that can include fatigue, brain fog, insomnia, anxiety, depression, headaches, as well as worsening thyroid function and flares of existing health conditions.

We don’t focus only on diagnosis - we treat you as a whole person

Long Covid is tricky to treat, especially since Covid-19 itself is a new and unpredictable virus that the medical community is just beginning to learn about. Treating it with a holistic approach means learning about your health condition before you tested positive. Very likely there was a reason why some patients would suffer from long Covid and others wouldn’t. Chronic health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes can increase your risk for severe illness from Covid-19 - which in turn increases the likelihood you will develop long Covid.

Pre-existing conditions such as metabolic syndrome and autoimmune conditions can predispose you to develop long Covid, as well as having high levels of stress, fatigue, not sleeping, not eating a healthy diet, makes you vulnerable to any viral infection. It is important to look at the whole history of your health to ensure you get the treatment you need.

We do advanced diagnostic testing

At Vit&Drip Center, advanced diagnostic testing is part of our protocol, whenever building personalized treatment for each patient. In addition to standard bloodwork, our doctors prescribe specific biomarker tests to understand the background of patients’ symptoms.

One of the most important tests are the inflammation markers, which typically rise after any virus or infection. Our doctors look at these to understand what your inflammation response was to Covid.

We also do a nutritional analysis because if you don’t have a balance of necessary nutrients in your body, your immune cells won’t function optimally, and a lifestyle questionnaire to learn about the big picture of your health habits.

We focus on your gut’s health

Because the gut is so essential to your immune function - 60 - 70% of your immune cells are located in the gut lining - our doctors pay special attention to it when treating patients with long Covid. That includes addressing the patient’s lifestyle and diet, to include anti-inflammatory foods and probiotics to balance out the good bacteria, and supporting the gut lining with supplements that contain immunoglobulins, which binds to toxins, and glutamine, an amino acid that helps heal the gut lining.

We rebuild your immunity from the inside out

In addition to restoring your gut health, at Vit&Drip Center we focus on restoring your immunity by rebuilding your nutritional balance. Supplementing vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, is essential, and we combine this supplementation with intravenous treatments and oral supplements. Intravenous (IV) Therapy is the most effective way when helping patients suffering from long Covid symptoms, as it administers vitamins, minerals and antioxidants directly to your bloodstream, allowing for immediate bioavailability. These nutrients help you fight off future infections and strengthen your overall immune system.

Our immunity-restoring protocol also includes lowering overall inflammation by taking supplements such as Curcumin, and integrating more fish oils into a patient’s meals through Omega 3 supplements to support brain health, heart health, and lower the inflammatory response from Covid-19.

We support your brain health

Brain health is essential to your overall health and mental well-being. In the case of long Covid, it’s critical to recovery. At Vit&Drip Center we address brain health at a cellular level - literally: The mitochondria, the powerhouse inside your cells that generates energy for your entire body, need to be properly nourished so you can properly function. If they’re not, this can lead to the common symptoms of fatigue and brain fog. To restore mitochondrial health and avoid neurological symptoms that also include anxiety and depression, our doctors recommend antioxidants such as glutathione and alpha-lipoic acid.

Long Covid treatments and therapy at Vit&Drip Center, Puerto Banus, Marbella

At Vit&Drip Health and Aesthetics Center we offer a variety of treatments that can help restore nutritional balance and support your long-term health and wellness. Our Medical Director, Dra. Halina Latasiewicz specializes in parenteral nutrition for over 20 years and has developed unique formulas to address various health concerns and help you support your body from the inside.

Tell us about your health concerns and goals so we can recommend the right starting point for you, personalized care and coaching.

Contact us today if you have any questions about our treatments, or want to book your consultation appointment.

*These recommendations for long Covid treatment are based on the latest research as of April 2022, and we acknowledge that the science surrounding the coronavirus is constantly changing. If you have had severe Covid symptoms, had to be hospitalized or put on a ventilator, consult your doctor first. Vit&Drip Center doctors see patients who have had mild to moderate cases of Covid or were asymptomatic.


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