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Oil-free and oil-absorbing facial lotion to protect skin that specifically needs higher protection from the sun. It is waterproof, non-greasy, fragrance-free, and is non-comedogenic. It prevents aging and can be used as a makeup base.



For daily use, it protects skin allergic to the sun, scars, prevents pigmentation, is safe to use during pregnancy, it's optimal after peeling or laser treatment. It can be used as a daily base for makeup.



Apply evenly to the skin before sun exposure. Repeat the application regularly, particularly after bathing.


Paraben Free / Paraffin Free | 50 ml

Q50+ Olifree Lotion SPF 50+ + Vitamin E

    Hydro-Light 78% Optimize cellular functions
    Tocopherol (Vit E) Antioxidant and Moisturizing
    Micronized Titanium Dioxide Avoid whitening effect
    Zinc oxide Reflects the sun rays
    UVA / UVB Sun protection SPF 50+
  • NAQUA is the pioneering Spanish dermo-cosmetic brand that uses patented HYDRO-Light, molecularly optimized water to form the base of all their products.

    NAQUA is committed to scientific research and optimizing the results of medical-aesthetic treatments in dermatological clinics and cosmeceuticals for home use.

    It is available only in medical clinics.