Rapidly absorbed cream with a dense texture. It contains a combination of 6 types of buffered vegetable acids that eliminate dead cells, reduce wrinkles and act as regenerators. The effect of the complex of vitamins A, D, and E provides vitality and natural shine, also improves the quality of renewed skin, delays aging and offers a relief to dry skin.



For daily use for sensitive, intoxicated, intolerant, devitalized, dull, and wrinkled skin.


Highly recommended in regeneration treatments after aggressive aesthetic medical treatments. Every morning and evening, after preparing the skin with Q89 Regenerative Gel, gently apply the cream to the face, neck, and décolleté until completely absorbed.


Without Parabens / Without Ether / Nor Alcohol | 50 ml

Q54 v Vitalizing Cream AHA + Vit Complex


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