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Innovative fluid emulsion against aging that preserves the longevity of the skin's stem cells, combats the chronological effects of aging, and defends them with antioxidants from Vit E, improving the firmness, vitality, and natural luminosity of the skin. It also provides hydration and maintains moisture in the epidermis 24 hours.



For daily use for skin that is aged, very dry, suffocated by the effect of tobacco, in the menopausal stage, devitalized, flaked due to dryness, malnourished, and attacked by the effects of the sun.



Apply in the morning after preparing the skin with Q89 Gel Regenerative, spread on the face, neck, and décolleté. It is advisable to complement the treatment with Q54 AHA Regenerating Cream at night.


Paraben Free / Paraffin Free / Ether Free/ Alcohol Free | 30 ml

Q55 1 Serum Hydro-Boost 24h + Stem Cells Act. Moisturizers Vit E Hyaluronic

    Hydro-Light 55% Optimize cellular functions
    Plant Stem Cells Provides longevity of stem cells and delays aging
    of essential cells. Increases the vitality of the skin
    and combats chronological aging
    Tocopherol (Vit E) Antioxidant, moisturizing
    Sodium Hyaluronate NaHa Moisturizing, fills in wrinkles
    Whey Protein Moisturizes, reduces fine wrinkles
    Alginic Acid (Algín) Hydrates and provides energy
    Moringa Oil
    Rosa Canina Oil
    Reinforce the hydrolipidic barrier (TEWL) as emollients of the skin
    Dimethylmetoxy Chromanol Prevents premature skin aging
    UVA / UVB filter Sun protection SPF 10
  • NAQUA is the pioneering Spanish dermo-cosmetic brand that uses patented HYDRO-Light, molecularly optimized water to form the base of all their products. 

    NAQUA is committed to scientific research and optimizing the results of medical-aesthetic treatments in dermatological clinics and cosmeceuticals for home use. 

    It is available only in medical clinics.