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Light and silky cream with instant absorption. Its active ingredients provide optimal hydration, balance the level of moisture in the epidermis and regulate sebum production. Edelweiss extract stimulates the skin's natural defense mechanism. Ideal as a base for daily makeup.



For all skin types. Daily hydration treatment. Both for young skin, skin with a water imbalance (oily/dry), and aging skin.



Every morning and night. After preparing the skin with Q89 Gel Regenerative, gently apply the cream to the face, neck, and décolleté until completely absorbed.


Paraben Free / Paraffin Free / Ether / Nor Alcohol Free | 50 ml

Q73 Hydro Balancing Day Cream + Squalene

    Hydro-Light 73% Optimize cellular functions
    Edelweiss extract Hydrates and retains moisture
    Defends the natural barrier of the skin
    Balances sebum secretion
    Fights free radicals

    Deeply hydrates
    Balances oil production
    Has powerful anti-aging properties
    Prevents pigmentation and lightens blemishes
    Improves skin texture

    Has anti-inflammatory benefits

    Sweet Almond Oil Softens, hydrates, and reduces inflammation
    Avocado Oil

    Rich in proteins and vitamins A, B, C, D, E, H, K, PP

    Strong anti-aging properties


  • NAQUA is the pioneering Spanish dermo-cosmetic brand that uses patented HYDRO-Light, molecularly optimized water to form the base of all their products. 

    NAQUA is committed to scientific research and optimizing the results of medical-aesthetic treatments in dermatological clinics and cosmeceuticals for home use. 

    It is available only in medical clinics.