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Gel that activates the regeneration of cells, providing skin with tone and hydration. It also regulates the Ph and sebum secretion. It is essential preparation for the recommended NAQUA's cream. It is highly effective in aesthetic medicine post-treatments.



For all skin types, burned, with dermatitis, psoriasis, dry, oily, with acne, devitalized, malnourished, scaly, sensitive, dehydrated. Optimal as preparation for skin treatments.



Apply morning and night before the recommended NAQUA cream. Deposit 2/4 strokes on a cotton pad and apply rubbing in specific recommended areas. In regeneration processes after aggressive treatments, apply with a cotton pad using light touches without dragging.


Paraben Free / Paraffin Free / Ether Free/ Alcohol Free | 150 ml

Q89 Gel Regeneractive Gel

    Hydro-Light 89% Optimize cellular functions
    Hydrolite-5 complex Increases and retains hydration
    Renews the skin's natural hydrolipid film
  • NAQUA is the pioneering Spanish dermo-cosmetic brand that uses patented HYDRO-Light, molecularly optimized water to form the base of all their products. 

    NAQUA is committed to scientific research and optimizing the results of medical-aesthetic treatments in dermatological clinics and cosmeceuticals for home use. 

    It is available only in medical clinics.