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NAQUA's water-based products dramatically boost the efficacy of other active ingredients for impressive, visible results and hydrated, healthy skin.

What is your skin type?

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Dry Skin

NAQUA products are specially designed to provide deep hydration to the skin.

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NAQUA products purify and eliminate toxins from the skin, regulate sebum, and calm inflammation and redness.

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Oily Skin/Redness

NAQUA products contain easily absorbed, balancing, and sebum regulating active ingredients that facilitate skin perspiration and regulate sebum extraction.





by removing impurities, and cleansing the pores with Sanitizing Milk




supply your skin with a powerful dose of hyaluronic acid with the Perfect Refinity Serum




with ingredients in the Microbioma Restoring Cream that seal in moisture for lasting protection and glow


"I used to have oily, acne-prone skin, and all products used to make my skin even more greasy. With NAQUA, the products absorb immediately, moisture my skin, and leave this beautiful velvet texture, that I love. I finally enjoy my skin, thank you <3 "

Eva Maria, 32 years old

My skin used to be very dry. Very, very dry. It was difficult to find the right products because many ingredients made my skin even worse... But when I started using NAQUA's Regeneractive Gel, and Q93 cream, it's like my skin got a whole new life! Finally no dryness, no flakiness, but beautiful, well-hydrated skin."

Carolina, 49 years old

Quick hydration, no oily feeling, and fast absorption. Best products I've ever used. Perfect for me.

Juan, 37 years old

Product Highlights

Product Highlights

Q89 Regeneractive Gel


Gel that activates the regeneration of cells, providing skin with tone and hydration. It regulates the Ph and sebum secretion, and it contains 89% of HYDRO Light water.

Light in consistency, it makes for a great preparation of the skin for further product application, or makeup.


It instantly hydrates and soothes the skin.

Best for: Dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, skin with acne or redness.

Product Highlights

Q54 v Vitalizing Cream AHA + Vit Complex


Rapidly absorbed cream with a dense texture.


It contains a combination of 6 types of vegetable acids, which act as an exfoliator, removing dead cells and regenerating the skin. The effect of the complex of vitamins A, D, and E provides vitality and hydration, also improves the quality of the skin, delays aging and offers relief to dry skin.

Best for: Dry skin, dull and revitalized skin

Product Highlights

Q55 2 Serum Perfect Tone + Act. Correctors Vit C Isoflavones SPF 15


Nourishing, light serum, that unifies the skin tone, providing luminosity.


Visibly reduces photoaging spots and prevents new pigmentation.


Contains squalene, vitamin C, papaya extract, which help fight skin aging and nourish, firm, and give vitality to the skin.

Best for: Decolorized skin, sun spots, pigmentation in pregnancy, signs of photoaging, and the prevention of age spots.

Product Highlights

Q93 HydroLift Hyaluronic Gel + Peptides


Refreshing gel-cream with active ingredients, that provide immediate, high-quality hydration.


It provides the skin with Flash-Lifting effect, minimizing the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines thanks to the action of pentapeptides in cell tissues. Peptides help the skin regain its elasticity and firmness and provide a tightening effect.

Best for: hydric dysfunctions of the skin (oily/dry), sagging skin, enlarged pores, wrinkles, acne, psoriasis, and anti-aging.



Water treated by specific processes to improve its interaction with biologically important molecules: proteins, enzymes, and nucleic acids. Deeply hydrating.

Cellular Renewal

Active ingredient concentrations that regenerate and support cellular renewal, backed by science.

Cellular Balance

NAQUA restores the cellular balance of the DNA of the cells, to protect from, and avoid future skin damage.


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