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Skin Booster: An innovative Skin Rejuvenation treatment in Marbella

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

What is Skin Booster?

Skin Booster is a treatment that consists of micro-injections of dermal filler in the deeper layers of the skin, that hydrates and repairs the skin. Unlike traditional dermal fillers, it is not injected beneath the skin to volumize the face. Instead, Skin Booster contains a light hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals that aim at hydrating the skin and improving skin’s quality.

Skin Booster helps with deep-skin hydration, improves skin elasticity, tone and texture, stimulates collagen production and helps restore skin’s natural luminosity. Skin Booster is the perfect treatment to nourish, deeply hydrate and repair aging skin.


Skin Booster TEOSYAL® REDENSITY 1 is a highly-regarded, award-winning treatment by TEOXANE, that restores youthful, dewy complexion by diminishing fine lines and increasing skin vibrancy and luminosity.

It is composed of a patented formula of Hyaluronic Acid, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants - ingredients that are naturally found in the skin. This unique combination helps optimise DNA synthesis and stimulates collagen and elastin production, resulting in a thicker and more elastic dermis. With pharmaceutical-grade hypoallergenic properties, these ingredients have the ability to assist in dermal restructuring, and acting as an overall skin enhancer and revitaliser.

TEOSYAL® REDENSITY 1 is used to improve several characteristics of our skin that are negatively impacted by age:

· Sun-Damaged Skin

· Loss of Skin Elasticity

· Thin, Damaged Skin

· Lack of Luminosity

· Wrinkles

· Sagging Skin and Imperfections

· Lack of Hydration


Skin Booster will leave you with a refreshed and plumper feeling skin, with increased hydration and a firmer, smoother feel. With age, our skin can lose up to two-thirds of our hyaluronic acid supplies, reducing our skin’s ability to retain moisture and leaving your skin feeling dry, brittle, and loose. TEOSYAL® REDENSITY 1 treatment restores your natural amounts of hyaluronic acid, allowing your skin to rehydrate naturally and lock the moisture inside deeper layers of the skin.


Skin Booster treatment together with hydration, will give you a feeling of enhanced elasticity, a firmer, more youthful look with reduced creasing and wrinkles. You will notice your skin tone and texture improved, as the TEOSYAL® REDENSITY 1 treatment stimulates the auto-production of collagen deep in the dermal layer of your skin.


TEOSYAL® REDENSITY 1 works to restore your skin’s natural luminosity and radiance. After only one treatment you will notice your skin to be brighter, more luminous, and this effect is only heightened as your treatment course continues.

Where Skin Booster can be applied?

Skin booster TEOSYAL® REDENSITY 1 Treatment is ideal for the face, the neck, the décolletage, and the hands.

To identify the optimal treatment for your needs, it is best to speak with our doctor during scheduled consultations.

How does the treatment work?

TEOSYAL® REDENSITY 1 treatment involves a minimum of 3 sessions to complete, with a fourth "maintenance" session highly recommended within the year of initial course completion.

TEOSYAL® REDENSITY 1 is administrated via a series of micro-dermal injections into the dermal layer of your skin in a pain-free and controlled process that lasts about 45 minutes. Before the procedure we apply a topical numbing cream on the area to be treated, to ensure the highest comfort.

Is Skin Booster the right treatment for you?

This treatment is designed to support your natural collagen and elastin production, resulting in naturally firmer, more luminous skin. The process is relatively pain-free, and offers measurable results. We recommend Skin Booster TEOSYAL® REDENSITY 1 treatment for anyone who is noticing a change in their skin’s elasticity, colouration, hydration or general feel.

Is the treatment painful?

The micro-injections are shallow, and extremely slender needles are used. For enhanced comfort, each injection contains lidocaine – a completely safe local anaesthetic. Additionally, before the procedure we apply a topical numbing cream on the area to be treated, to ensure the highest comfort of the procedure.

Are the results visible immediately?

Yes. You will notice an immediate improvement in the tone, texture and feel of your skin, with reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and an enhanced elasticity. Your skin will appear luminous, and this effect will improve with every session.

How long will the effect last?

The duration of the results depends on the individual’s lifestyle, age and skin type. However, on the average the results last up to 1 year. 3 sessions – 1 every 3 weeks – are recommended for optimum results.

Will I be able to work / go out right after the session?

To make sure the product absorbs fully, redness and minor bruising disappears, we recommend to schedule your treatment at least 12hrs prior to an important event.


Before TEOSYAL® REDENSITY 1 treatment and 1 month after TEOSYAL® REDENSITY 1 treatment.


Skin Booster treatment is an exclusive anti-aging treatment available at Vit&Drip Center, that stimulates the natural auto-production of collagen to help smooth out wrinkles, restore volume, enhance your skin’s luminosity, and give a firmer, more youthful appearance.

Too book your treatment, you can fill out the Appointment Request form on the Face Fitness page, or contact us directly at


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