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30min duration

Starting at €150

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Refresh and nourish your skin with our signature facial that gets you glowing.

High-tech HydraFacial® cleanses, exfoliates and hydrates to remove dead, dull skin and bring brighter skin to the surface. The Vortex-Fusion system removes impurities from pores without discomfort while delivering medical-grade serum boosters to target your specific skin concerns. 

Bye Bye Dead Skin.


Treatable Concerns

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Personalize Your HydraFacial™

Signature HydraFacial™

Per Session (30min) €150

Deluxe HydraFacial™

Signature + Medical Grade Booster
Per Session (45min) €180 - €250

*please contact us for information about other options

Treatable Areas



  • When Will I See Results?

Skin will feel hydrated, look cleaner, brighter, and healthier instantly. Noticeably radiant, too. Concerns such as hyperpigmentation, impacted skin or acne may take longer to treat, but clients usually see an improvement after 5 treatments.

  • Can I Go Back to Work Afterwards?

Yes! Keep in mind you may experience some redness that should last no longer than 15 minutes. Refrain from applying makeup for 24 hours—to let the serums absorb.

  • How Often Should I Get This Service?

Best results are achieved by making HydraFacial a consistent part of your skincare routine. We recommend receiving this treatment once a month to maintain overall skin health.

  • Does It Hurt?

No, this treatment is not painful—not even the extractions.

  • How Does This Compare to My Regular Facial?

HydraFacial is an advanced medical treatment that's created toward delivering visible results and skin improvement via deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and intense hydration. It uses technology to get the job done.

HydraFacial Book

Book Your Appointment

A 50€ deposit will be charged upon booking. This amount will go towards the total amount of treatment you will choose and includes consultation. The cancellation policy applies.

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