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Vit&Drip collaborates with the best medical professionals around Costa del Sol, and offers you a wide range of medical services and consultation.

Please contact us to inquire about professional medical support. 


Plastic Surgery Consulting

Are you thinking about a procedure but need more information or don't know which doctor is the best for you? 

Vit&Drip collaborates with some of the best cosmetic surgeons in Costa del Sol, and we give you an opportunity and support to evaluate potential surgeons, learn about their options and surgical techniques. You decide who you want to proceed with, and we will help you throughout the whole process.

Anesthesiology Services

Vit&Drip works with anesthesiology specialists in all medical areas such as cardiology, neurology, obstetrics and pain medicine.

We offer services of certified anesthesiologists, who oversee anesthesia care during all surgical procedures. Anesthesiology services provide:

  • A pre-operative evaluation before any operation,

  • Constant monitoring and modification of anesthesia to ensure maximum safety and comfort,

  • Follow-up care and pain management during recovery. 

Contact us to inquire about the services and scheduling. 

Nursing Services

Vit&Drip helps you find highly qualified and experienced nursing staff available for both in-home and in-hospital care. 

Registered nurses are available for home visits for treatments such as injections, post-operative procedures, regular health check-ups (blood pressure, blood sugar level, etc.).


Contact us to inquire about the services for your individual needs and we will be happy to assist you. 



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